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Kasbah Omar is a Luxury Boutique Bed and Breakfast Riad, located in the High Atlas Mountains, 30 minutes from the Marrakech Medina

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The spa hotel Kasbah Omar has a magical, well-fitted spa, wellness area and steam bath. It is a truly unique Luxury Marrakech Riad in Morocco.

At Kasbah Omar, your comfort is our pleasure, whether you join us for one night or a thousand and one nights.

It's been a long, extraordinary journey, and the camel caravan is finally leaving the relentless expanse of sand and sun behind.

After countless days in the Sahara, you can almost drink the cool breeze. Dirty, tired and thirsty, your daydreams begin to anticipate the luxury awaiting you at KASBAH OMAR - the playful splash of water in a fountain; the gentle beauty of ancient arches at every turn; the scent of blossoms in the air, and freshly-baked bread, and mint tea with herbs from the garden.

Your bags will be whisked to your rooms before you've had the chance to greet Omar himself. How divine it will be to settle into your suite, amidst the sumptuous silks! Built in the ancient style, the Kasbah is solid and earthy, yet lavish enough for the King.

Not a moment will separate you from the hammam, where heat and steam washes the grime from your skin and your lungs. What joy to be able to BREATHE again! And as you breathe more deeply, the masseuse will work her magic with strong hands, scents and indigenous oils; lavishing her skills on your weary body.

A smile plays on your lips as you imagine yourself clean and sated for the first time in days, sinking into a relaxing chair on the terrace, sipping your favorite beverage in the sweetly-scented breeze. The chatter of chickens and donkeys will blend with the Call to Prayer from a nearby mosque as the soundtrack to the spectacular sunset, while you await dinner in the rooftop bar and restaurant.

Dinner will be the perfect ending to the day. Whether it's vegetable tagine, lamb couscous or bastilla, no matter - the food and company are always remarkable beneath the stars at Kasbah Omar.

A dedicated and attentive staff combined with an informal, relaxed atmosphere allow you to forget time and to live in the rhythm of Berber Morocco.

Are you looking for a romantic hotel which brings you in contact with the traditional lifestyle of the Berbers in Morocco? If so, the 4 star boutique hotel Kasbah Omar is perfect for you. It is situated in a village with 72 Berber families, in the High Atlas Mountains. At this authentic Marrakesh ryad you can gain first hand experience of the ancient culture of Morocco while enjoying the modern facilities of a 4 star hotel and luxury Morocco ryad.